Text and Image Logo: $350.00
Text only logo $175

Business Cards

Vertical or horizontal layout / one or two sided
Custom layout: $55.00 front of card
Customer layout: $40.00 back of card different image
Customer layout: $15.00 back of card same image


8.5×11 or 11×17 / one fold or tri fold
8.5×11 One fold Layout – $300
8.5×11 Tri fold Layout – $360

Online Banner Ads

Banner ad 200×75 pixels – $20
Banner ad 234×60 pixels – $25
Banner ad 200×200 pixels – $30
Banner ad 392×10 pixels – $35
Banner ad 486×60 pixels – $45
Banner ad 500×200 pixels – $50
Banner ad 500×250 pixels – $60

Postcard Announcement Card Flyer Design

4×6, 4.25×5.5, 3.4×7, or – one side or two sides
One side $90
Two sided – different image $140

Postcard Flyer Design SMALL

2.75×4.25 and 2×6 – one side or two sides
One side $60
Two sided – different image $110

Postcard Flyer Design LARGE

4×9, 4×7, 5.5×8.5, 6×9 and 9×9– one side or two sides
One side $99
Two sided – different image $150

Door Hangers

3.5×8.5 or 4×9 / one side or two sided
One side $90
Two sided – different image $140

Rack Cards

3.5×8.5 and 4×9 / one side or two sided
One side $80
Two sided – different image $130

Tickets Coupons

2×6 or 2.75×4.25 / one side or two sided
One side $50
Two sided – different image $100


8.5×11 or 11×17 / one side or two sided
8.5×11 Layout – one side: $150.00
8.5×11 Layout – two sided/different image: $250
8.5×11 Layout – two sided/same image: $160


8.5×11 Layout – one side $150


One side $125

Vinyl Banners

2×4, 2×6, 2×8, 3×5, 3×6, 3×8, 4×4, 4×6, 4×8, 5×5 and 5×8 / one side or two sided

One side $70
Two sided – different image $120


8.5×22, 11×17, 18×24, 22×28 / one side or two sided

Price starts at $300 and up – depending on the size – call for a quote

Stock Photos

Starting at $5.00 up to $20 each

Photo Scanning

8.5×11 – $3.00 each

Printing Prices
Our Design prices does not automatically include printing. All Printing is based on design size and quantity. The more your order the lesser the cost.
Print Choices Include

Gloss and Unglossed
Vertical and horizontal
One sided and two sided
11 pt
12 pt
16 pt
100 lb
11 pt
12 pt
16 pt
Text stock
Card stock

Design File Guidelines
1.   Several of our designs are eligible for design maintenance discounts. Pay full price once and have text or photo changes redone at a lower rate as long as the design layout stays the same.
2.   All Design Projects can take anywhere from 3 – 10 days to design.
3.   All Design Projects will be delivered via email in JPG, PDF, and PNG formats.
4.   All Design Projects can be done in Color and or in Black & White.
5.   We will provide you with an agreement which contains all the duties and rights for both parties in order to work in an organized and clear way. In the event that you don’t like our work, we will reimburse your good faith payment.
6.   Our Graphic Design Service Rate DOES NOT include printing cost. Printing is an additional charge.
7.   If you have images you want to use, please email them to us.
8.   All Designs come with a proof with up to 5 revisions.
9.   Print shipping charges may apply.
10. For printing prices, please determine your quantity and size and contact us for the quote.
11. If you purchase a design and print package, the design fee would only apply once. If you were to need
more images printed off in the future, you would only be charged a printing fee, as long as you use the same design. If we change the design an additional fee would apply.

Projects billed by the hour includes all time spent directly on the project, including: project research and development, client consultations, design work, revisions, proof output, coordinating with sub-contractors,
and communications (phone, email, and in person). Billable time may also include travel time to client’s location or other location associated with the job, as required.

Contingency Design Costs

Contingency costs cover elements of the project not covered by the contract and may include:
• Rush charges for projects with quick deadlines
• Charges for delayed payment (See payment terms)
• Charges for changes to the project outside the parameters agreed upon

Other Design Expenses

Expenses are incurred when the project requires use of materials or vendors other than design work performed by ThankYouJesusConsulting or 60labs. Expenses may include:
• Printing, color proofs, film and other pre-press production items
• Photography sessions
• Stock Photo and/or Clipart purchases specifically related to the project
• Paper purchases (usually included in printing costs)
• Print coordination fees and job pickup/delivery costs
• Web Site Hosting & Domain Name Registration fees

Billing Payment Terms

50% of estimated graphic design and contingency costs are due upon beginning a project and/or contract signing unless the project is small or of short duration (determined at initial consultation). Payment must be made before any work is started on a project. ThankYouJesusConsulting and 60labs reserves the right to invoice client at any time if project extends beyond projected completion date, or if the number of billable hours on the project exceeds the estimated project time. 100% of printing costs must be paid prior to submitting the project to print, unless credit has been established. All invoices are due and payable upon receipt and must be paid UPON COMPLETION of project, unless otherwise specified in the contract. A penalty for late payment will be assessed as follows: 5% of unpaid balance per month overdue.

Payment Methods

Payment may be made by credit card (Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express) or check. A
$25 fee will be assessed for all returned checks.

Project Cancellation

Should client or designer stop the project at any time during the development period, designer will invoice for work completed up to the point of termination. Cancellation fees may apply as determined by ThankYouJesusConsulting and 60labs.

Up to 5 Design Proofs

Please review your graphic design proof carefully. Clearly indicate any changes, additions, or deletions on the proof and or on the draft. The proof form has to be signed and returned along with any changes on the draft. Each graphic design is allowed up to 5 proofs, anything pass proof #5 will be charged $15 per proof.

Graphic Design Turnaround Times

Turn-around times will vary depending on project type and specifcation. Typical turn-around time for standard full color printing is 7 to 10 business days from proof approval, including shipping time. Rush delivery is available for an additional charge, please contact us for details.