Why do we charge for premium support?

We want to keep the cost of our websites low so that they are accessible to everyone. In order to do that we offer al la carte pricing for different levels of support, which means you only have to pay for the support you need. If you or anyone else needs individual support beyond what can be accomplished on your website by yourself, then we ask that they pay for premium support.

Website Support When You Need It

Do you have a website support issue that you need some help with? Never fear – we are here to assist. The most efficient way to get the web site support you need is to submit a support ticket so that we can route your request to the people who have the answers you are looking for. We appreciate your patience as we work together to fix your problem.

  • Logging into your admin panel
  • Adding or Deleting Pages
  • Adding or Deleting Posts
  • Adding or Deleting Plugins
  • Site Back-Up *TYJC Hosting only.

  • Updating Plugins or Modules
  • Adding or Removing Images
  • Adding or Removing Content
  • Modifying Website Colors
  • Changing Site Functionality


There are differences between a web developer, graphic designer and an interface designer. Many website providers are excellent graphic and/or website designers, but when it comes to functionality and usability they need assistance. We have developed a great reputation for being the “developer” behind the developer. Technical or programming issues can stop an unskilled developer in their tracks and hold up the entire work flow for their own business. With tech:assist® we allow you to focus on your core strengths while we handle your support tickets. For WordPress, CSS, PHP or MySQL issues that are above and beyond your skill level – contact us! For tech:assist® support tickets, please make sure to include your customer’s cpanel information and their admin panel credentials.

Contact us for pricing.

If we didn’t build your website and you would like to purchase one of our support packages, please choose below.

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Tip Jar

Don’t have a monthly maintenance agreement and you needed our help? There have been many times we’ve provided fixes and support below cost or at no cost. So we’ve made it possible for users to donate. Contributing is completely voluntary and all donated money will be used to pay for computer hardware, internet connections, server software, our time, and other fees that directly apply to running our business. Any and all donations are greatly appreciated. There is no minimum donation.

Thanks in advance!

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Technical or programming issues on your website? Focus on your core strengths while we handle your WordPress, CSS, PHP or MySQL support tickets.